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Enrico Bossan lives and works in Padoua. He starts his professonal carreer as photojournalist in 1985.Stages of his carrer: 1987, enrolled in the Association of Journalists of the Region “Veneto” and since 1992 he is represented by the Agency “Contrasto”. 1987:prize for Kodak professional photography. His works are exhibited in the main Photography Festivals. He is curator of Photographic Exibitions such as "Est of Magnum " for Magnum Agency and solo exibitions of Josef Koudelka and Elliott Erwitt at the “Palazzo della Ragione” of Padoua. He publishes several books on his works, among which the most famous “Beijing -Paris”, 1989, and “Exit”, 1992, in collaboration with Robert Koch.He often collaborates with “Cuamm Doctors with Africa”, telling Africa through his photograpies. 2000: director of “Colours Magazine”. 2004: professor of the Master in Journalism at the University of Padoua- 2006: appointed head of the Department of Photography “Fabrica” and curator of the “FFF”prize for “Fabrica” and “Forma”. 2010: in June he founds the blog E-photoreview.com. and he presents in Padoua “Nera-Madre”, installation-exibition promoted to remember the first sixty years of work with “Cuamm Doctors with Africa” 2011:in June, exibition “Bambini Rompiscatole” at Pitti Bimbo in Florence, a project createde for CAF in collaboration with Donna Moderna and Mediafriends. Enrico Bossan Enrico Bossan


Francesca BottacinFrancesca Bottacin Francesca Bottacin, researcher and Professor of Flemish and Dutch Art, and of History of Modern Italian and European Art at the University of Letters of Urbino since 2000. Formed in the Universities of Padoua and Venice, she focuses in Art Border.Since years she collaborates with the Universities of New Castle (U.K), Lisbon, Valladolid, Valencia, Granada, Maintz, Lubiana, Sweet Briar College (USA), etc. Her research is mainly addressed to the relations between Dutch and Italian Painting (Caravaggio and the Dutches) with particular regard to the Venetian Painting (Tiberio Tirelli on which she wrote a monography in 2004 and her knowledge of Rubens and Van Dyck, Josef Heinz etc, Giovanni De Min, 2009) and the Marche Painting (Giusto De Gand, Federico Barocci, history of the Regional Collecting ). Several are the contributions to the knowledge on the 18th century, to the renovation of the Museum of Risorgimento and Contemporary Art of Padoua, to exibitions (Padova 1994, Tracciati del Femminile..;2000, 18th century Painting) until her last articles and speeches at conferences on the Designs of Giovan Battista Cavalcaselle, on Flemish Paintings. Many of her studies are directed to women in modern and contemporary Art and the relations between Cinema, Painting, Photography, (Because Hammershoi. Photographs. Enamel Hoque, 2008).


Enzo Siviero lives in Padua, graduated in 1969 in Civil Engineering and Transportation. As engineer he works in the field of Constructions and Infrastructures, specially about themes of Structural Architecture. Since 1972, joined to his profession, he teaches at the University Institute of Architecture of Venice (now Iuav). He is professor of Structural Engineering and holder of the course of Theory and Design of Bridges (since 1994), holder of the course Design and Structures since 2000, Director of the Construction Department of Architecture (from its foundation, 1994, until 2008), member of the Academic Senate (1991-2008), Vice-President “Vicario” of the National Council and Representative for the area 08 Civil Engineering and Architecture (since 2007). Consultant Professor awarded by the University of Tongjil of Shangai (April 2008). He gave rise, in these last years, to scientific pubblications as curator and as author (more than 350). Since 2006 he shall ensure the section “Bridges and Viaducts”of the Magazine “Le Strade””(The Roads). Enzo Siviero is Member of the Scientific Committee of the Magazines “L’Edilizia” (Constructions),” Costruzioni Metalliche”(Metal Constructions), “Industrie della Prefabbricazione (Industrial  Prefabrications), and “Progettazione Sismica”(Seismic Design). Enzo SivieroEnzo Siviero