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Marisa Merlin is first of all an Artist. She has always been involved in environmental themes, for personal belief and cultural DNA. Her work has started from considerations about “animals as food”, towards the issue of “waste” and its accumulation. An essential require, for her, is to “recognize” the true meaning of “things and names” in order not to forget their original sense as it can be seen from her last installation “Terra”. Conviced that an artist is not the absolute protagonist of her/his own work and recognizing all the power produced from the communication of ideas , Marisa Merlin has strongly felt the necessity to involve other artists about the urgence of environmental issues. To consider Art as universal language and a privileged mean of communication has produced since 2008 the review “Riciclarti”, now RicCAA, of which she is the curator.



Sito: www.marisamerlin.it
Mail: info[at]riciclarti.it
Cell: +39 328 6671483


Marisa Merlin (Photo: Franco Storti)




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The Cultural Association ARTERIA has, as statuary purpose, the spreading of Art in its different expressions through the promotion and the support of works by both emergent and successful artists. The Association promotes the approach and the knowledge of Contemporary Art through actions with a strong cultural imprint such as:exibitions, reviews, meetings and creating attracting activities of learning for adults and young people, Schools and Universities. The Association Arteria believes in “community”, placing itself as a meeting point, persuaded that the artistic research offers important instruments of cultural communication able to improve the whole community, at a local and international level ARTERIA is active in Padua working with other artistic and cultural realities and with private and public Institutions.

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